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Zhuhai Nature Journey Biotechnology Co. Ltd, was founded in 2016. Being innovative enterprise, we’ve been specialized in plant-originated antibacterial and antioxidant technology, providing customers with customized solutions. Our headquarters and R&D base are in Zhuhai, Guangdong, with branches in Guangzhou, Anhui, Shandong, Hebei, etc.

The course of growth
The company is a young start-up, yet the research and application of natural plant antibacterial effect can be traced back to the establishment of Zhuhai Natural Herbal Technology Research Institute in 2013. Since then, Nature Journey has become the world's first enterprise to realize industrialized production of plant-originated preservatives. We help customers in many industries such as food and cosmetics to achieve cleaner labels and create more natural, healthy, safe and environmentally friendly products.

Launch the research and development project of natural plant-based preservative agent
Set up zhuhai hengnature materia medica technology research institute, and build a team of outstanding talents with high academic qualifications
Zhuhai Natural Journey Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was formally established to promote mature and stable plant-derived bacteriostatic and antioxidant products to the global market
The product was officially launched to the market in August 2018 and was recognized by many food  enterprises and daily chemical enterprises
As always, Nature Journey adheres to the entrepreneurial mission of ‘exploring the world of natural plants and working together to achieve health’ since its establishment. Under the premise of respecting nature, we continue to navigate innovation in the field of natural plant-originated antibacterial technology. With an open and cooperative attitude and superior quality and service, Nature Journey provides the best natural plant-originated antibacterial solutions for customers around the world. By doing so, we bring nature closer to our customer’s daily life and improve the quality of life.
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