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Cosmetic industry

In the current daily chemical market, natural and organic, green and environmentally friendly has become the main trend. More and more consumers are concerning the ingredients of products, with the pursuit of "clean label", chemical-free, food-grade ingredients and environmentally friendly.

Nature Journey’s plant-based preservatives and antioxidant agents are extracted from cinnamon oil, orange oil, lemon oil, rosemary oil and other plant raw materials. Without any chemical or biosynthetic preservatives, they’re compounded in proportion after extraction, separation and purification of the active substances. They’re food grade products with broad-spectrum antibacterial and superior antioxidant effect. It is a perfect alternative to traditional chemical preservatives without the need for additional antioxidants. Therefore, we help you develop products with clean labels and zero preservatives, increase product premiums, enhance brand value and win the business opportunities on the new "Natural Plant Concept" track.