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Company cuture

Company cuture


Nature is where life emerges and presents the beginning of the journey towards a healthy life. As a leader in research and application of natural plant antimicrobials, we provide customers with safe, reliable, natural and healthy preservative, antimicrobial and antioxidant solutions. Also, we work hand in hand with customers to bring natural health into end users’ daily life.

We attend to the benefit of our customers and value growth, the demand of consumers for healthy living, the conservation and sustainable development of the natural environment, and the innovation of technology and humanities, and with these four cornerstones, generate profit and growth.

Discover the world of natural plant and work together for health
Our  vision

Our  vision


u Provide the best natural plant-originated antibacterial solutions for customers around the world, and bring nature closer to human life and make human life healthier

u Navigate innovation in the field of natural plant-originated antibacterial solutions on a continuing basis

u Focus on customer benefits and value growth on a continuing basis

u Attend to environmental protection and sustainable development

u Achieve sustainable returns to investors and employees

Our values
Work Ethic
Be bold and innovative
Sincere Respect
Be bold and innovative
We are based in innovation and will continue to build on this basis.
We challenge the status quo and open up new frontiers and territories,
Strengthen the industry by creating new value,
Stimulate the growth of companies, partners and ourselves with Innovative ways.
We will continue to explore innovation and stay ahead in the field,
Bring a healthier lifestyle within reach of consumers worldwide.

Work Ethic
Be guided by clear, long-term goals
Work tirelessly
Maintain superior quality and service
Optimize business output and pursue economic achievements
Distribute wealth among everyone that contributes to the growth of the company, no matter if they are shareholders or employees
Pursue meaningful value-based growth.
Deeply understand our role and eagerly embrace our responsibilities as citizens of society.
Only if society was healthy, will individuals live healthy lives.

Sincere Respect
Diversity and good collaboration are the two cornerstones of innovation and are indispensable.
Fostering a good climate of collaboration among people with diverse professions, backgrounds and cultures is the only way to achieve this.
We encourage open and constructive discussion.
We put aside differences of identity and meet with openness and mutual respect.
Not only do we respect each other,
but also this career.
We respect the gifts that nature has bestowed upon us,
and are committed to passing this treasure on to as many people as possible.