Nature is where life emerges and presents the beginning of the journey towards a healthy life. As a leader in research and application of natural plant antimicrobials, we provide customers with safe, reliable, natural and healthy preservative, antimicrobial and antioxidant solutions. Also, we work hand in hand with customers to bring natural health into end users’ daily life.

We attend to the benefit of our customers and value growth, the demand of consumers for healthy living, the conservation and sustainable development of the natural environment, and the innovation of technology and humanities, and with these four cornerstones, generate profit and growth.

Discover the world of natural plant and work together for health

Recently, plant-based meat has become popular all over the world. Since the plant-based meat brand, Beyond Meat launched...
A team of EU-funded scientists has developed novel biodegradable containers for the organic beauty market.
In a March 9 email to stakeholders, Health Canada’s Food Directorate requested data in regard to food additives in certa...
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Ingredients 100% natural
Add value to your product with clean label

Ingredients 100% natural,safe and reliable

Broad spectrum antimicrobial activity Elimiate chemical preservatives and used as plant extract or
natural flavor Add value to your product with clean label Provides innovation and customization